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What to Expect

Total Health of Naples is proud to deliver impeccable patient care through the means of evidence based protocols. Our patients can expect focused one on one time with the doctor on each treatment date, taking our time with patients to educate and thoroughly explain their condition always results in faster results. Each patient is addressed from a multifaceted approach, Dr. Paralovos will evaluate each case biomechanically, neurologically and metabolically. We have often found that aches and pains can not only be the result of a mechanical or musculoskeletal dysfunction but of a neurological origin or even a nutritional concomitant. In order to receive a full potential of health and optimal performance we must locate and correct the ailment from the source.

By adhering to a high standard of excellence our patients can expect to achieve their health and wellness goals at a quicker pace than other facilities that attempt to treat similar conditions. Besides great in house treatment, patients will be given the appropriate tools to maintain their bodies outside of the clinic for longer lasting results and without the dependency of ongoing long term care.

Future patients of Total Health of Naples should be excited that our doctor continually attends post graduate training courses to always deliver the best options and results to our patients. Besides a higher form of chiropractic and functional rehab, Total Health of Naples offers complimentary nutritional consulting, safe exercise and ergonomic recommendations, kinesiology taping, discounts on the highest quality supplements, free wellness workshops, monthly Total Health of Naples newsletter and affordable fees for under or un-insured patients.

If you're looking for an alternative to allopathic medicine for resolving your health concerns, Total Health of Naples is the right choice for you. We are Naples, FL premier center for chiropractic, functional rehab and spinal decompression. Whether you're looking for fast relief of pain or a transformation in your lifestyle, Total Health of Naples is equipped to handle your needs.

Call our Naples, FL office today for a consultation to see if you are a candidate for chiropractic care, functional rehab or spinal decompression. Our office is conveniently located in the northwest unit of the northwest building (behind Greentree Plaza) at the Greentree Professional Center at Airport and Immokalee. We proudly provide chiropractic to the areas of Naples, Naples Park, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Orangetree, Ave Maria and Immokalee.

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