Functional Physical Rehabilitation

TOTALHEALTH of Naples utilizes functional rehabilitation which is considered to be an expansion to conventional physical therapy. The goal is intended to return the dysfunctional/injured patient to an optimized state where they can excel at complex movement patterns and normal activities of daily living. Implementing a functional movement assessment, kinematic faults can be identified and an appropriate treatment plan can be prescribed. Incorporating traditional therapy modalities such as strength and flexibility training, along with multi-joint closed kinetic chain exercises enhances the prognosis of whole body mobility and stabilization.

Donít delay! Get back in the game today! Call our Naples office today for a functional assessment. Our office is conveniently located in the northwest unit of the northwest building (behind Sweetbay) at the Greentree Professional Center at Airport and Immokalee. We proudly provide chiropractic to the areas of Naples, Naples Park, Bonita Springs, Estero, Marco Island, Orangetree, Ave Maria and Immokalee.

Dr. Paralovos demonstrates Functional Physical Rehabilitation